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Wood Boring Insects

There are a number of species of Wood Boring Insects, and the precise method of treatment will depend on which species is attacking the timber.

By far the most common species of Wood Boring insects in the UK is the Common Furniture Beetle (Anobium punctatum). This species can be identified by the small, round holes that are left on the surface of the timber.

In most cases treatment is fairly straightforward. Any structurally-weakened timber should be removed and replaced with pre-treated timber. All surfaces of the affected timber should then be sprayed with an appropriate woodworm insecticide treatment.

Other Wood Boring insects common to the UK include the Deathwatch Beetle, the House Longhorn Beetle and the Powderpost Beetle. Whilst the Powderpost Beetle can be treated in much the same way as the common furniture beetle, House Longhorn and Deathwatch beetle infestations require more extensive treatment.

Most of the insects responsible for the damage to timber are beetles. The adult beetles lay there eggs on the wood surface, in the bark or splits in the timber, and these hatch into Grub.

Woodworm attacks are varied – both in the type of timber which different species infest and their larval life-span which can range from ten months to 11 years. This means that accurate identification by Remedial Treatments surveyors is the first essential step because not all woodworm infestations need treatment.

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